Viveiro Garden & Zoo di Terra is located on the Island of Sal, Cape Verde.

It's a Garden Centre, where you can find any type of ornamental plant available on the Archipelago.


Come visit our Botanical Garden & Zoo di terra


Garden Centre

Come buy a plant for your house, your shop, or any space.
We can deliver the plants, plant them, add soil, or check your plants and give you the best ideas and solutions in order to have the best garden.


 Zoo di Terra


Do you want to spend a day rolling in the grass, drinking local fresh juice and visiting the animals?

Come visit us!

Our little Sanctuary for animals will give you a unforgettable experience. Pet the donkeys, feed the goats, watch mama duck with her babies having a stroll in the grass.... You, and escpecially your kids, will LOVE it.

Our Vision

RECYCLING is a key word for us.

On an island where rubbish IS an actual issue (where is it not?) we do evething possible to recycle everything possible.


Our animals are the perfect combination with our plants: we make our own compost and plants are always healthy and happy. 

Viveiro Team